What We Do

As all our clients have different cultures, we aim to work with you as partners to assess what is needed to build a more conscious, human-centred workplace and then recommend practical solutions to achieve your desired outcomes.

Whether you are growing SME thinking about how you maintain your culture as you grow or a larger business that is looking for a culture shift, Human 4 offer a full culture change management service to include:

  • A unique framework for analysing and growing a culture of true company wellbeing that addresses the causes not just symptoms (Click here – to framework)
  • Bespoke wellbeing surveys with full data analysis and tailored solutions such as:
    1. Conscious Leadership Development programmes
    2. Building coaching led cultures in the business for SLT, coaching skills for managers and laser coaching for individuals
    3. Learning events to support theme such as mental wellbeing, anxiety, sleep, resilience, connection and mindfulness
    4. Values enagement programmes

We also recognise that this is a long term process and offer a full consulting package to help you build a culture at work programme that works for your organisation. You might also want to trial some of our bite size learning content  in the short term. Here is a sample of what we offer:


  • 5 hour immersive experiences and world café style events
  • 45 minute talks
  • 1 hr workshops or webinars
  • Podcasts and curated resources
  • 30 minute laser zoom coaching
  • Drop in coaching days (1 hour x 5 people)
Tranceordance Icon


Making positive change in your workplace to build a more human-centred organisation.

You will learn:
  • How to better navigate the corporate world (survive/thrive)
  • How to be a catalyst for change (Growth mind-set)
  • How to influence your peers and leaders
  • Sustainable actions
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Resilience and self-care.

You will learn:
  • The importance of putting the mask on yourself first
  • How to be a better parent to yourself
  • Self-enquiry, reflection and how to be authentic
  • The importance of autonomy, mastery and purpose
  • How to better manage fear and human negative bias
  • Taming and quietening the Inner critic
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Unleashing your innate creativity, having fresh ideas and making them happen.

You will learn:
  • To build the creative ‘muscle’ through brain training and insights from neuroscience
  • Practical techniques applied to your live business challenges
  • How to inspire and motivate yourself and those around you through connection
  • Using joy and curiosity as a motivator for generating ideas
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Off Grid

Growth-Mindset & Disruptive Thinking.

You will learn:
  • What a growth mindset is, how to adopt and sustain it
  • What are the questions you are avoiding or makes you feel uncomfortable?
  • How to be solution-focused using neuroplasticity
  • How to disrupt the status quo and taking accountability and action
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Staying Connected

Our Staying connected interactive webinar tackles a range of problems, such as managing loneliness, building resilience, agile working techniques and working from home strategies. This provides business with the framework they need to succeed.

You will learn:
  • How to be a true agile worker and work better from home when you need to
  • How to be more resilient by connecting with your basic needs
  • How to connect well as a team and to other teams
  • How to keep connected to your organisation
  • How to lead others to stay connected
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Conscious Leaders

Developing, Compassionate, emotionally intelligent, conscious management and leadership.

You will learn:
  • Creating the right mindset and space to grow
  • Your role in shifting a culture from fear-based to love and trust
  • Building a tribe of inclusivity with shared values
  • Developing empathic communication and true wellbeing in your organisation
  • A strategy for engaging those around you
  • Really understanding and aligning your values
  • How to leave a legacy (who you are)
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5 Pillars of Wellbeing

How looking after your own well being and those of your team members can help you perform better, love going to work and connect at a deep level.

We will coach you to examine how you:
  • Connect to self
  • Connect to others
  • Feed the body
  • Connect to Purpose
  • Nurture Growth

Giving you practical tips and techniques to support your wellbeing day to day management.

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Mindful Working

Brain-training through the practice of mindfulness to enable you to thrive, avoid burnout and be more effective.

You will learn:
  • An understanding of what mindfulness is and why it is becoming an important tool to increase our resilience
  • Insight into the neuroscience behind the practice
  • Clarity on the benefits, supported by evidence
  • Some basic techniques and supporting resources that are easy to use
  • Practical Tools for applying mindfulness on a daily basis at work
  • An ability to connect to the present moment to be more focused
  • An understanding of how mindfulness can help you deal with information overload

Wellbeing Culture Assessment Framework

We have developed a framework to assess the wellness of your culture based on evidence based research and practical experience. Seen below this will form a basis for a full  assessment to plan for transformation and can be tailored to your own organisational language. 

Human 4 How Well Is Your Culture Infographic Page 1
Human 4 How Well Is Your Culture Infographic Page 2
Human 4 How Well Is Your Culture Infographic Page 3