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There is a shift in consciousness taking place as people evaluate their working lives in order to find more meaning, more connection to our humanity and new ways of doing things. In order for businesses to grow we need to grow our people and build more human conscious working cultures where everyone can thrive. This absolutely has to be the priority, and by consciously engaging and developing talent, profit will follow. Our aim is simple; to shift the mindset of corporate leaders and entrepreneurs from pure profit to conscious leadership and responsibility. Our vision is a world where business and humanity grow together.

Who Are We?

David Liversage People & Culture Development Specialist
David Liversage
People & Culture Development Specialist

I work as a business and change partner to forward thinking businesses. I devise innovative, strategic, people and culture solutions that address business challenges, always putting the human at the centre.

I have 25 years of experience in the media sector working with global agencies and media owners at board level. The first part of my career elevated me to Media Director at PHD, with overall responsibility for key clients such as Sainsbury’s and Gillette. I then discovered my big passion for helping people be the best they can be in the work they do and creating cultures that drive this. I ran my own consultancy for 10 years working with a team for a wide range of clients such as ITV, Viacom, Arcadia and Dentsu Aegis. I am now personally sought after for my thinking and experience in building and transforming cultures and have worked in-house and as a consultant for brands such as Sainsbury’s, The Financial Ombudsman and The Evening Standard.



  • BA (hons) degree
  • Business Coaching: BCF, ILM accredited
  • Emergenetics Coach
  • NLP Practitioner
  • AC (Association for Coaching) accredited and member
  • ILM accredited
Vanessa Jeffery Executive Psychological Coach & L&D Consultant
Vanessa Jeffery
Executive Psychological Coach & L&D Consultant

I work with individuals and teams who seek to shift mindset and become more conscious within their careers and organisations. My aim is to influence leaders to become more aware of human responsibilities, encouraging a mindset of valuing people before profit.

My corporate experience started in the media industry where I worked at a senior management level for The Guardian, The Express and The Mail on Sunday. In addition to overseeing advertising budgets, my role included the responsibility of training and developing sales teams. In 2009 I left corporate life and began to work as a people development consultant with David. This involved writing and facilitating bespoke development programmes for clients to include Channel 4, MTV, Sony Music, Qualcomm, MGOMD, Maxus (Group M) and The Evening Standard. I am now involved in working with forward thinking leadership teams who want to grow ethically and instil positive human values that make their companies thrive.



  • MSc in Psychology
  • Practitioners Diploma in Executive Coaching
  • ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited and Member
The Why?
85% of employees worldwide are not engaged at work (GALLUP, 2019)
95% of HR leaders blame employee burnout for the inability to retain staff (KRONOS INCORPORATED, 2019)
$125-190B+ Annual health care costs related to work stress (HARVARD, 2019; STANFORD, 2019)

It’s time for a corporate revolution. We believe we have a responsibility to look beyond profit and seek to better our corporate and entrepreneurial propositions for the sake of humanity! In the post digital revolution era we need to look deep inside at who, how and what we lead, as robots replace humans in utility.

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What We Do

As all our clients have different cultures, we aim to work with you individually to assess what is needed to build a more conscious, human centred workplace and then propose practical solutions to achieve the desired outcomes.

Human 4 offer a full culture shift service to include:

  • A unique framework for analysing & growing a culture of wellbeing
  • Bespoke wellbeing surveys with full data analysis and tailored solutions such as
    • A SLT development programme; “Conscious Leadership”
    • Adopting a coaching culture into the business
    • 1-to-1 laser coaching days
    • Workshops to support themes such as resilience, stress & anxiety management, sleep, communication, conflict resolution and mindfulness

We also recognise that this is a long-term process and offer a full consulting package to help you build a Human 4 culture that works for your organisation. You might also want to trial some of our learning content in the short term. Here is what we offer:


  • 2.5-hour immersive experience or world café style events
  • 45-minute breakfast or lunch talks
  • Webinar or Podcast
  • Leadership Coaching

Making positive change in your workplace to build a more human-centred organisation

More Information

You will learn:

  • How to better navigate the corporate world (survive/thrive)
  • How to be a catalyst for change (Growth mind-set)
  • How to influence your peers and leaders
  • Sustainable actions
Conscious Leaders

Developing, Compassionate, emotionally intelligent, conscious management and leadership

More Information

You will learn:

  • Creating the right mindset and space to grow
  • Your role in shifting a culture from fear-based to love and trust
  • Building a tribe of inclusivity with shared values
  • Developing empathic communication and true wellbeing in your organisation
  • A strategy for engaging those around you
  • Really understanding and aligning your values
  • How to leave a legacy (who you are)
Off Grid

Growth-Mindset & Disruptive Thinking

More Information

You will learn:

  • What a growth mindset is, how to adopt and sustain it
  • What are the questions you are avoiding or makes you feel uncomfortable?
  • How to be solution-focused using neuroplasticity
  • How to disrupt the status quo and taking accountability and action

Resilience and self-care

More Information

You will learn:

  • The importance of putting the mask on yourself first
  • How to be a better parent to yourself
  • Self-enquiry, reflection and how to be authentic
  • The importance of autonomy, mastery and purpose
  • How to better manage fear and human negative bias
  • Taming and quietening the Inner critic

Unleashing your innate creativity, having fresh ideas and making them happen

More Information

You will learn:

  • To build the creative ‘muscle’ through brain training and insights from neuroscience
  • Practical techniques applied to your live business challenges
  • How to inspire and motivate yourself and those around you through connection
  • Using joy and curiosity as a motivator for generating ideas
Mindful Working

Brain-training through the practice of mindfulness to enable you to thrive, avoid burnout and be more effective

More Information

You will learn:

  • An understanding of what mindfulness is and why it is becoming an important tool to increase our resilience
  • Insight into the neuroscience behind the practice
  • Clarity on the benefits, supported by evidence
  • Some basic techniques and supporting resources that are easy to use
  • Practical Tools for applying mindfulness on a daily basis at work
  • An ability to connect to the present moment to be more focused
  • An understanding of how mindfulness can help you deal with information overload

Our beliefs

In being conscious
Treating yourself and others respectfully
That work should be joyful
In the power of thank you
In playing to peoples’ strengths and talents
In the person, not inflexible job descriptions
Other than money that people need a why?
Great leaders serve the people
Values should be lived inside and out
In the power human connection
In the importance of a clear vision
Being kind
Trust is everything

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Have a look at some of the wonderful things people say about us.

Mr & Mrs Smith

Having Vanessa and David host regular drop-in sessions in the office for our team has created a safe, confidential space for them to explore and discuss ideas both professionally and personally. I've seen first-hand the effects of this on the wellbeing of our team and just how much they value this. The support of Vanessa and David has helped us really demonstrate how important our people are, and that our business will only thrive if we support and help them grow.

Tamara Lohan, Founder and COO, Mr & Mrs Smith


"David's session was engaging, entertaining and informative. He tailored it to an audience that was both Deaf and hearing and allowed all to fully engage with the session in an inclusive way. A really entertaining presentation style and a perfect inclusion in our company away day. Thank you."

Kenny Toal, Director, ITV SignPost

Timberlake Consultants

"Vanessa and her team were excellent, extremely professional and knowledgeable. The workshop created positive learning about each other and it was a great start to our annual strategy day. As the Director of the business, I received nothing but positive feedback about the workshop and my team have asked for another session with Vanessa at mid year."


Teresa Timberlake, Director

We Champion The Human

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