Why Human 4?

“If companies support the wellbeing of their people, profit will follow”

‘Know your why’ – Simon Sinek

Forbes & Sunday Times place ‘wellbeing’ at the heart of their best places to work lists.

The facts:

  • 85% of employees worldwide are not actively engaged at work (GALLUP, 2019).
  • 95% of HR leaders blame employee burnout for the inability to retain staff (KRONOS INCORPORATED, 2019).
  • CIPA 2020 report found 37% of UK employees have seen an increase in stress-related absence over the last year, while 60% report an increase in common mental health conditions.
  • 86% cite the inability to switch off out of work hours as the main negative impact of technology on employee well-being.

It’s time for a corporate and organisational revolution. We believe we have a responsibility to look beyond profit and seek to better our company and entrepreneurial propositions for the sake of humanity! In the post digital revolution era we need to look deep inside at who, how and what we lead. We should aim to engage people by connecting them to their purpose and support their wellbeing at work.